• National Programmes
      Celebrations of National Days like Independence Day and Republic Day is compulsory for all the students.

    • Anniversaries
      Birth Anniversaries and Death Anniversaries of great leaders and personalities are organized in our college with full respect.

    • Debate Association Committee
      To develop among future lawyers the skill of effective communication, clarity of expression and analysis of the Socio- legal problems, the college has established a Debate Association. The students of GWCL participate in Debate, Elocution, Essay writing etc.

    • Moot Court Association
      To sharpen the lawyering skill among the students there is a Moot Court Association wherein students have to take up mock cases and participate in Moot Courts. Moot court is compulsory for every LL.B. 3 Years Students from 1st semester and for every B.A. LL. B 5-year students from 4th Semester.

    • Green Campus Committee
      To create environmental awareness and consciousness towards protection of environment, GWCL has a afforestation, cleaning the surroundings, awareness on plastic bag and solid waste management etc.

    • Legal Aid Clinic
      The college organizes Legal Aid Camps and runs a Legal Aid Clinic established under the Maharashtra State Legal Aid & Advice Board. Free Legal Aid is provided to the needy and weaker section of the society. Late GWCL adopted Hingna Taluka for making Legal Awareness.

    • Expert Lectures
      The college arranges Guest lectures of eminent speakers on varied and current topic of significance in legal field for the benefit of the students.

    • Sports Day
      Sports day is celebrated in college in the month of January. On that day various games and sports are organized by the College which provide an opportunity to students to participate in these activities.

    • Extra- Curricular Activities
      Various kinds of competitions like Quiz, Debate, Elocution Essay-writing, poster Competition etc. are organized in the college. All students are provided an opportunity to participate and contribute towards these activities. Thus, hidden talents and creative resources would be given a scope for expression in the best possible manner.

    • National Service Scheme
      The Govt. of India has established a National Service Scheme to acquaint students with social life and also to develop in them the spirit of social upliftment. To implement this Scheme N.S.S. Unit has been established in the College by RTM, Nagpur University which undertakes various social activities.

    • College Examination
      The progress of the student is continuously evaluated through class test, assignments, and presentation. During the academic session College holds Prelims from time to time to evaluate the progress of the students.

    • Career Councelling
      The students are given guidance on career opportunities and preparation for the same.

    • “Annual Socialgathering"-Aroma
      The College believes not only achieving academic excellence but also nurturing the talents of the students and encouraging them to perform their best in various diverse activities. College conducts cultural fest for the students, named-Aroma.

    • Educational Tours
      The college organizes Educational Tours regularly to Delhi for Final Year Students to provide an opportunity to visit the Supreme Court, the Parliament House, the Rashtrapati Bhavan and various organizations Like ICRC, Indian LAW institute, Indian Society of international Law, etc. The students are able to acquaint themselves with the procedures and workings of various legal institutions and also interact with eminent judges of Supreme Court and Directors of various institutions.

    • Student's Grievance Redressal Committee
      There is a student's grievance committee to address various issues of the students.

    • Suggestion Box
      A suggestion box is kept in front of the Principal's Chamber. Any student can put in suggestions regarding curricular and non-curricular matters & the principal if think it necessary, take proper actions.

    • Value Added Programme
      The value-added programme supplements students learning and enhances their preparedness to meet the challenges of professional life. These programmes enable the students to acquire a more holistic perspective and thus have better understanding of present issues — challenges. These programs also facilitate the students to gain and develop innovative and creative skills through a wide array of course offerings. Late Govindrao Wanjari College of Law, offers Value Added Programs in the areas of values and ethics, human rights, environmental issues, technology, communication and cross-cultural exposure are imperative for the holistic advancement of an individual.

    • Remedial Classes
      The p purpose of remedial teaching involves individualized teaching of students who are experiencing difficulties in specific subject areas. Late GWCL provides Remedial teaching to the required students which may be taught individually or in groups and targets academic weaknesses that potentially hinder learning.

    • Mentor Mentee System
      A Mentor can help a mentee (student) to improve his or her abilities and skills through observation assessment modelling and by providing guidance. With this purpose a well-structured mentor - mentee system has been developed in the Late GWCL. The important aspects of the mentor- mentee relationship is TRUST. Being a mentor means interacting with a mentee and providing support, advice and feedback to the mentee. In other words, it requires involvement with mentee.

    • Other Committees Working For Students Welfare
      Anti-Ragging Committee
      Internal Complaint Committee
      Student Grievance Committee
      College Development Committee
      Internal Quality Assurance Committee
      Right To Information Authority
      Cultural Committee
      IPR Committee
      Examination Committee